Wholesale Indoor Smokable CBD/Hemp Flower

Our niche: We provide our customers around the world with a consistent supply of legally grown and tested hand-trimmed indoor CBD/hemp flower grown using light deprivation. We have a variety of premium strains to select from.

  • CBD Large buds
  • CBD Medium buds
  • CBD Small buds

Free samples are available for serious inquiries.

Broker policy: We strongly prefer to work directly with distributors, buyers, and retail shops.



Inddor CBD smokable flower growing

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Disclaimer: We provide the most accurate information possible, so you know what you can expect from each strain. However, as experienced cultivators know, the data provided are estimates. Due to the many variables with hemp farming, we simply cannot and do not guarantee THC or CBD level outcomes and encourge you to do your own 3rd-party testing in addition to any 3rd-party testing provided by our partners.