Colorado Grown hemp flower for sale. High CBD, low THC

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CBD biomass, smokable, and seeds

Smokable Hemp Flower:

  • Trimmed
    • Cherry Melo
    • Remission
  • Milled for prerolls
    • Afternoon Delight (Sold out)
    • Cherry Asinine
    • Cherry Bayou (Almost gone)
    • Cherry Blossom
    • Cherry Gras (Almost gone)
    • Cherry mix
    • Cherry Wine
    • Dark Cherry
    • Otto II x Cherry Sweetened
    • Remission
    • T1 (Almost gone)
    • Wife

Feminized Hemp Seeds:

  • Wine Delight (Afternoon Delight x Cherry Wine)
  • Cherry Asinine
  • Cherry Bayou
  • Blossom Wine (Cherry Blossom x Cherry Wine)
  • Cherry Gras Sold out
  • Cherry Melo
  • Cherry mix (Cherry Blossom and Cherry Sweetened)
  • Dark Cherry
  • Otto Wine (Otto II x Cherry Sweetened) x Cherry Wine)) Sold out
  • Resurrection (Remission x Cherry Wine)
  • T1 Wine (T1 x Cherry Wine)
  • Wife's Wine (Wife x Cherry Wine) Sold out
  • Cherry Wine back cross (Wife x Charlotte's Cherries) Sold out

Unfeminized Seeds:

  • Cherrymed (Cherry Blossom x Dinamed)
    $.10 each, minimum order 5,000

Smokable hemp flower

Trimmed and milled flower from 12-22% total cannabinoids.

Partnership program

We're looking for the right partners to grow with.

High-CBD seeds

We have a variety of high-CBD, low to no THC strains to choose from.

Interested in growing hemp in 2020? Partner with us!

We'll provide high-CBD seeds (we have 3rd party tests to prove it)
and the expertise to help get your grow off the ground.


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