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Our mission: We provide our customers with wholesale, indoor hand-trimmed seedless smokable CBD flower on a consistent basis, which is difficult if not impossible to find in the industry at the moment. Demand is extraordinarily high and supply is low and inconsistent. Suppliers haven’t been able to scale quickly enough to keep up. That’s where we come in.

We’ve partnered with large, established indoor Ag companies to ensure our customers never run out and can focus on growing their businesses instead of tracking down the next batch of flower. From small shops that need 10 pounds a week to larger distributors who require hundreds to thousands of pounds weekly, we cater to any business that needs wholesale flower on a consistent basis. If you're interested in a large one-time purchase, we can provide that as well.

Our flower: We offer a variety of premium strains grown using light deprivation by true agricultural experts with decades of experience in growing crops and substantial infrastructure so the supply doesn't run out. We offer good, better, best in large and small buds and professionally packaged prerolls.

Indoor vs outdoor: Growing quality CBD flower outdoor is possible, we've done it. But, outdoor-grown hemp is good for biomass used to create distillate, not for smoking. Growing indoor allows you to control the environment which leads to a higher quality flower with less microbes. In the marijuana industry (we do not sell marijuana) which is more developed than the CBD market, outdoor flower is never sold by legitimate shops for smoking and not approved by the state and local regulatory agencies. When we meet with shop owners who sell outdoor flower, they are blown away after trying a sample of indoor flower and replace their outdoor flower with indoor grown.

Our partners: We provide wholesale flower to licensed distributors, buyers, and retailers. We are not direct to consumer and do not work with brokers.

Free samples are available for serious inquiries.

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